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Putting SW Washington Issues First!

For our Representatives to put people first they must listen. Local residents want accessible Representatives to know about the issues affecting people in the community. In 2018 David is holding 48 town hall meetings in seven+ Southwest Washington counties to listen and put people first.

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The Environment

Putting people first requires that we protect our environment. This means fighting for more jobs in renewable energy. Moreover, we must hold polluters accountable and properly fund the EPA. In addition, we must protect our national parks, national resources, and Native American Tribal lands from corporate interests.

Issues Columbia River

Columbia River

Jobs, Energy Independence, and Peace
By creating incentives to invest in alternative energy, we can grow our energy industries, and create jobs and wealth for local communities. Thus, we need American energy independence, job growth, and a 100% renewable energy infrastructure by the year 2050.

Leaving fossil fuels deep in the ground will also lessen devastation around the world caused by natural disasters and war. Energy independence will free our foreign policy from dependence on despotic regimes.

Environmental Call to Action
Take action for the environment by reading more about David’s environmental platform and joining the call to Congress for 100% renewable energy by 2050. In addition, take more action for the environment by signing up today to volunteer or give to the campaign.

Watch this climate change video: <What Shell knew about climate change in 1991>


We are Putting People First by protecting our environment.  We must fight for renewable energy and create incentives for investment in alternative energy.  In addition, we must protect national parks and protect national resources from private interests.  Further, we must hold polluters accountable and properly fund the EPA.

I believe that climate change is very serious, that it is mostly caused by humans, and that the sooner we address it, the less expensive it will be. The recent rain in Texas was the heaviest ever record on Earth, and cost our government $180 billion. Delay in addressing climate change is not an option.  Consequently, I will NOT take money from the fossil fuel industry. I will seek to prevent capital investments in new fossil fuel infrastructure such as natural gas pipelines.  Further, I will advocate for incentives to transition away from fossil fuels as much as possible and as soon as possible.  In addition, I think we should use revenue from a carbon pollution tax for accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels and to restore forests and soils to sequester carbon because this would be a just transition.

Achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Coal Trains harm our environment

Coal Trains

To put people first we need to reduce the use of fossil fuels because they cause irreparable damage to our environment.  Our drinking water, edible food, and breathable air are being harmed because pollutants are entering our rivers, streams, and atmosphere.

Over 75 American mayors have signed onto planning for 100% renewable energy by 2050 because the greater environmental movement is demanding the transition away from fossil fuel.

Join David in calling on the rest of Congress to make this goal a national priority <petition pending>.

Hold environment polluters accountable.

Protect community health by putting people first. While many companies try to be good environmental citizens, some abuse or break our environmental laws. We must hold unethical corporations accountable because, too often, their practices harm our environment.

Properly fund the EPA and clean superfund sites.

The federal government has turned its back on communities affected by environmental issues. I want the government to protect the health and safety of the people by providing environmental agencies with proper funding and oversight. We have to make cleaning superfund sites a priority.

Protect and preserve natural parks and landmarks.

We must protect our national parks and monuments, including Bears Ears and Grand Staircase, because cutting them into pieces and selling them to corporations is against the wishes of the American public. National Parks and Monuments play a vital role in preserving our resources and heritage, and provide significant amounts of tourist dollars to their regions.

Do not allow private resource exploitation of the indigenous lands.

The White House and our Representatives are further enriching their fossil fuel industry donors because Congress is consistently approving the violation of Native American land rights.

Incentivize alternative energy.

We need more living wage jobs, energy independence, and a clean environment because it contributes to putting people first. The plan to achieve this is simple.  Economic incentives will drive the shift to a sustainable society because positive reinforcement works. Moving to renewable energy sources will free us from dependence on foreign oil, which will allow us to pursue a more equitable and just foreign policy as well.


Putting people first means healthcare is a universal human right. We must give quality care to all without the need to take on big healthcare debt. Furthermore, people should not have any financial worries resulting from seeking care or healing properly, because it is immoral.  A single-payer healthcare system provides more equitable quality healthcare and costs less. Further, there will be NO deductibles, NO monthly insurance corporation payments (called “premiums”), and NO gaps in coverage under a single-payer system. However, we must make contributions to the healthcare system a payroll based withholding when it comes to a single-payer system.

Care for the People
Learn about David’s healthcare platform and fight for healthcare reform today by campaign team of Democrat David McDevitt for Congress. Please register to volunteer.

WATCH OUR YouTube Video on <Healthcare> and then, Subscribe!

Healthcare Reform.

Putting people first requires that healthcare is a human right.  Patients should not be in debt for healthcare needs. Nobody has to purchase separate insurance policies.  We must eliminate the concept of deductibles.  Gaps in coverage are to be eliminated and trillions in expenditures will be saved.

To be clear, the affordable healthcare act CANNOT BE FIXED because it was written, at least in part, by the Health Insurance and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Families and healthcare professionals want a healthcare system that puts all people first.  Moreover, insurance corporations and other private interests take trillions of dollars in profits from the 99%.  We can cut annual healthcare costs by reforming healthcare in America to a single-payer system. In addition, we must give paid jobs training for former insurance and financial professionals as we adopt the new system.

Get Prescription and over-the-counter Drug costs under control.

With prescription drug costs rising exponentially and with no end in sight, people are complaining regularly. Promoting competition and ensuring patient access to lower-cost generic drugs is not working. I do not believe it is possible to let market forces resolve this problem because pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of the government paying the bills through Medicaid, Medicare, and chip. Now is the time for politicians to deliver because Taxpayers and consumers are growing impatient. Single-payer insurance and regulation are necessary.

Voices for Affordable Healthcare <Comments on Drug Prices>

Health and Wellbeing.

Issues Planned ParenthoodIt is vital to support the well-being of people and not allow private interests to constantly undermine public health. We must address the opioid and prescription drug crisis, in part by reforming pharmaceutical corporation and hospital practices. Rather than simply treating illness, we must prevent it. We can do this by addressing the fundamental issues that impact public health and wellness.  We will see an increase in the average quality and length of people’s lives. By focusing on wellness and prevention, we will also cut future costs in healthcare.

Debt-free healthcare for all.

First of all, Healthcare is a human right. We must restructure our healthcare system and remove the profit motive behind giving healthcare treatment by putting people first.

Currently, many people are forgoing treatment by the healthcare system because of the massive personal debt to themselves and their families due to high deductibles.

SW Washington and all Americans deserve a single-payer system because of the security and stability it brings to families, individuals, and the economy.  Join me in calling for single-payer health care now.

Put people's health first.

Pharmaceutical and insurance companies profit because there is over-prescription of opioids and high priced drugs.  A national opioid emergency exists because pharmaceutical companies and doctors are willing to sell narcotic drugs for their profit-motives.

A single-payer system will go a long way towards removing the interests of large corporations from healthcare decisions.

Nobody has to buy private health insurance.

Private insurance plans with high monthly premium payments and high copay and deductible terms are unaffordable.  People do not buy unaffordable plans.  Monthly insurance premium payments are eliminated because everyone would be automatically enrolled under a single-payer system.

Eliminate deductibles.

The average deductible for a healthcare insurance plan is over $4,000 each year.  A single-payer system would eliminate deductibles because deductibles create a burden that discourages people from going to the doctor or hospital.

Eliminate gaps in coverage.

People often experience gaps in coverage under the current system.  People unable to pay insurance premiums, between jobs, or unable to sign up for care, end up with gaps in coverage.

Families are burdened with sky-high debt because they have medical emergencies with no insurance.  Bankruptcy cases will decline because no one will be burdened with debt.  A single-payer system covers families for life without any gaps because of the single-payer system design.

Save Americans trillions of dollars.

We can save trillions of dollars on health care because implementing a single-payer system cuts ‘middle-man’ insurance companies profits.  Create jobs and fund education with the monetary savings.

We can put people first by implementing a single-payer system and reducing the number of corporate middle-men.

World Health Organization (WHO).

The facts about healthcare in the United States based on the year 2000 World Health Organization (WHO) ranking of quality and availability of healthcare services for each of the United Nations member nations, looking at a number of criteria, are:

  • The United States ranked 24th in terms of average life expectancy.
  • The American people ranked 72nd in terms of overall health.
  • Our overall quality of health care ranked 37th.
  • We ranked highest (worst) in terms of how much we pay for health care.

According to the WHO, we don’t live as long as people in other countries, we are not healthier, and we don’t have as many doctors, per-capita, as other leading economies because we pay more, and get a lower quality healthcare: That is a scandal.


The World Health Organization, The World Health Report 2000,

The World Health Organization, The World Health Report 2000, Table 1,

The Economy

Putting people first means building an economy for the 99%. Moreover, It means supporting small businesses in Southwest Washington by investing in entrepreneurs and consumers. We must cut corporate welfare measures that give giant companies an advantage over local ones.  Additionally, we must pull millions of people out of poverty and cut corporate welfare by raising the U.S. hourly minimum wage from $7.25 (and in some cases $2.13) to at least $15 or higher.  Most minimum wage earners are adults and in need of some form of social assistance because their company pays them too little. Furthermore, Eliminating this tax on the middle-class will put money back in the hands of local families and the economy. We can further restructure taxes for our families by addressing government waste, tax cuts for the 1%, and other sources of corporate welfare.

Issues Equity


Equity in the Economy
We must fight for gender and racial equity in job opportunities, safety, and pay. This will lessen the disproportionate representation of marginalized communities in poverty. We must protect and strengthen Unions, which will bring equity in pay, benefits, and safety to working people. We must protect and allow members of the community who are not working, as well. Thus, an economy for the 99% treats secure retirement as a human right, humanely protecting seniors and the disabled from poverty. Please join us in calling on our current Representative for Southwest Washington to hold a legitimate town hall.  Also, be part of economic justice by writing a letter to Congress to raise wages.


We are putting people first when we build an economy for the 99%. To do that, we must cut corporate welfare, create living wage jobs, achieve gender and racial equality, strengthen unions, and enhance retirement security.

Build an economy for the 99%.
Our country’s economic agenda must be putting people first. Tax cuts on the backs of poor and middle-class people hurt our communities.

Supporting small business growth, a central source of job creation in SW Washington is an essential way to put people first.

Create living wage jobs.

Paying non-living wages to create a class of impoverished workers is wrong. As a result, the working-poor often need welfare to get by. The welfare these workers receive is a direct subsidy payment to corporations at the public’s expense. This is another example of ‘corporate welfare.’

We can make the most progress in growing the middle class by raising the national minimum wage. Raising minimum wage transfers income directly to our poorest working families, who need it the most.

Call on Congress to raise the minimum wage (to more than the current $7.25/hour.) To start, I believe the FIGHT FOR $15 is appropriate but would likely be too low by the time it could be fully implemented.

Achieve gender and racial equality in job opportunities, work environment, and pay.

On average, white women earn just 77% of what white men earn for the same work, with the same worker qualifications. People of color earn less than what their white coworkers earn.

Equality and equity for women and people of color in the workforce are required for putting people first. Consequently, We must take measures to ensure pay equality in the workplace. We must also commit to equality in job opportunities and the emotional and physical safety of our work environments.

Prevent and repeal laws that threaten unions.

Union workers for the economy

Union workers

Unions allow workers to join together for equal power with employers when bargaining for raises, benefits, and safe work conditions. So, Laws attacking unions do not put people first and must be repealed or prevented altogether.

Strengthen retirement security (SOCIAL SECURITY).

Social security and Medicare benefits are the difference between income security and poverty for many folks. I am fighting to enhance Social Security by raising or eliminating the amount of income subject to the insurance premium contribution. In addition, I favor increasing benefits to livable standards, especially for our elderly.

Cutting income for seniors in SW Washington is inhumane yet our current Representative insists upon these cuts. This is wrong! Join me here in calling for no cuts to retirement security.

There has been talk lately about the longevity of the Social Security safety net, with funding through to 2034. By increasing incoming revenues, by raising the CAP and increasing the minimum wage, we can overcome the continual fear mongering associated with the safety net. Let's stop the neglect and do what is right!

Education and Higher Education

An important part of economic fairness is giving all people equal access to quality education.  Evidence overwhelming shows that education quality is directly linked to economic well-being. Thus, we must invest in early childhood education and support families’ ability to educate their children because real education takes place inside and outside of the classroom. Moreover, it is very important that a college or trade school education is available to everyone, free of big debt.

Education Now
One McKinsey study estimated that under-investing in education is costing the American economy $1.3-2.3 Trillion every year.  Quality education is smart economics, especially in a globalized economy. We also must set the expectation for lifelong learning.  Empower the 99% just by reading more about David’s economic platform.


Having several University degrees, I know an education has value for our future, our society, our economy and our children.  Today’s students will become the workers who will create tomorrow’s businesses and products.  Increased funding, the investment we need to make, for our local school districts and continuing education for our teachers, is necessary. Our education system previously taught Math, English, and Science, as well as develop creative skills and basic understanding of the trades.  We need to focus our efforts on creating an environment for our children to learn skills in creative and critical thinking, as well as innovation.  We need to make college and technical training affordable again.

Student Loans

First, all borrowers should be allowed to refinance student loans.  In addition, I will fight for both hardship deferrals and loan forgiveness. When borrowers are not able to find gainful employment with high enough wages to repay loans and struggle with monthly costs of living, those borrowers must be protected.


Putting people first looks like a transportation system that addresses the needs of all regions and communities. This includes Washingtonians and Oregonians, drivers, public transit, and bicycle commuters. Consequently, we need equal representation for Washington and Oregon because disagreement across the state line has resulted in gridlock for decades. Furthermore, Equal representation for states requires shared transportation SOLUTIONS. This has worked before and will again.

Issues I-5 Bridge

I-5 Bridge

Jobs and Transportation
Long-term, we need to consider mass-transit and alternative transportation systems such as ultra-safe high-speed commuter rail. Further, the investment in transportation and infrastructure will help the economy of SW Washington grow by creating new jobs and avenues for local businesses. Moreover, Infrastructure and small business growth will benefit local residents and communities with middle-class jobs and new opportunities.

Learn about David’s transportation platform and fight for an easier commute across the Columbia River by reading David’s transport article and joining in the call to Congress for equal representation for Washingtonians. Also, join the call for Congress to pass a transportation bill, to create jobs and invest in the economy, here.

Transportation solutions

So many people in southwest Washington are asking for solutions to the traffic issues that slow down their commutes because traffic congestion is affecting many families among thousands in our community. David wrote a <op-ed> for the Columbian about an effective way to discuss transportation issues.  We know that by working together, Washingtonians and Oregonians can solve their shared problems.

Thinking regionally

Washington and Oregon must unify as a regional body to proactively address our mutual infrastructure issues. This arrangement has worked in favor of the states of New Jersey and New York since 1921. Leadership from each state will send an equal number of representatives to a board tasked with proposing a solution. Each state will keep veto power over the boards' proposal.

Open-mindedness and inclusion

It is important to have an open mind and keep all options on the table, at first, when addressing our transit issues. We must consider all forms of transportation to craft effective policy. For instance, mass-transit solutions can help us overcome traffic congestion. Further, initiatives toward environmental sustainability in transit are necessary to protect community health.

Social Issues

Putting people first takes an approach that understands all the social issues faced by communities. As stated, there are many issues to understand, and they are all inter-related. Please read more about these issues by clicking on the links describing the problems that exist in them and the solutions that SW Washington is asking for.

Equality, Safety, and Community Wellness
We address issues of fairness, such as equality/equity concerns of women, communities of color, LGBTQ communities, immigrant communities, and veterans because people want to feel secure. Though "thoughts and prayers" have a place, we need decisive action and regulation.  Most noteworthy, we must have public safety and gun laws, cannabis regulation, and the role of technology in the economy of SW Washington as well.

Social Issues:

There are many social issues that merit attention. Those listed here are important, though not exhaustive.  We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Campaign Finance Reform.

As a founding member of a local chapter of an organization focused on campaign finance reform, I am fully committed to getting big money out of politics.

Though there are several possible approaches, none will be completely successful. Moreover, there are many ways of behaving unethically.

Consequently, I am committed to conducting my campaign in an ethical manner.

To reform Campaign Finances, we must overturn Citizens United and eliminate the ability for the wealthy and corporations to influence our political system by spending big money.

We can also do more, though, by requiring greater transparency with respect to the contributions of funds and the identification of the sources of those funds.

That's our fight! I'm in full support of protecting our democracy.

Equal Pay for Equal Work.

Where qualifications and experience are comparable, employers must be required to provide equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or religion. Women and communities of color continue to endure dramatic pay inequality. We must stand, united as a community, to overcome all forms of workplace inequality. This includes achieving equal pay, equal opportunities for employment, and safe workspaces for all.

Women’s Healthcare.

The issue of a woman’s healthcare should be between herself, her doctor, and, when she determines that it is warranted, her partner/spouse. Women should have open access to health care, including birth control and family planning. It is inappropriate for any person or group, including legislators or employers, to impose their morality upon any other person because our laws should protect individual freedoms and empower individuals to maximize their potential.

Healthcare equality for all communities.

All people must come first in our healthcare system. In order to ensure this, issues affecting communities that are marginalized in the current healthcare system must be addressed. LGBTQ communities deserve good care based on actual science. Communities of color deserve fair representation among doctors and other healthcare providers. Rural communities deserve geographic access to quality healthcare facilities.

Right to marry and raise a family.

Putting families first means supporting equal rights for same-sex couples to marry, adopt, and raise a family together. The decision to marry and raise a family should be a decision made between consenting adults, not a room full of consenting legislators. Full equality under the law for members of the LGBTQ community is a must.

Racial justice.

All people deserve equal justice under the law and equal treatment by our institutions. Centuries of social programming have resulted in systemic inequality for marginalized communities. Neither Black nor Latino people are more likely to commit crimes than anyone else. Justice requires they not be overrepresented among our incarcerated populations. Equality also requires that all people have equal access to voting, education, healthcare, and public safety.

Immigration reform.

The vast majority of people in our nation want comprehensive immigration reform because many of our neighbors, friends, coworkers, caretakers, and family members are immigrants. Despite negative rhetoric thrown around by some for political gain, all people deserve an opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the America dream. A path to citizenship for residents without documentation, and for impending refugees, is a necessary part of the needed reform. We must pass a clean DREAM Act now.

Supporting the veteran community.

The men and women in uniform put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms enjoyed by all people, in addition to the assets and wealth of the corporations and the wealthiest in our society.  Currently, we have overburdened and underfunded the Veterans Administration. Even worse, there are approximately 80,000 Homeless veterans nationwide. Before taking on additional expenses we must take care of our Veterans at home and abroad.


We must care for all people facing housing or food insecurity by more equitably distributing income.  Collectively, we have great wealth and prosperity, and we need to improve wealth distribution by being more inclusive. We can find housing for all people by increasing funding for HUD and addressing rising rents and impending mortgage bubble crises. Putting people first, instead of the realtors and landowners’ lobbies, will give our community the leverage to do this.

Cannabis and drug reform.

Federally decriminalizing the possession and use of cannabis is a good idea because it will reduce the number of people incarcerated for non-violent crimes. Furthermore, decriminalization will address unjustly caused economic, healthcare, and racial justice issues.  Drug abuse is a medical problem. Drug abuse is not a criminal issue.  Treat drug abuse as a medical issue because it is the right way to put people and families who are affected first.

Gun regulation, public safety, and the 2nd Amendment.

We have an opportunity to improve our current firearm policy because of recent tragedies.  We should be only allowing responsible adults to purchase firearms.  In both Heller and McDonald, The Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees individual right to own guns for traditionally lawful purposes and that the right to bear arms is not an unlimited right. Regulations should allow for sport and self-defense. Protecting all people from criminal access to weapons needs priority.

Regarding gun violence, once elected I will take several approaches. First, ban sales and possession of assault weapons, along with implementing buy back programs. Second, require periodic training, proficiency demonstration, and licensing, along with universal background checks BEFORE a weapon can be purchased. Third, confiscate weapons from those with diagnosed mental illness or domestic abuse charges and convictions. Fourth, require annual registration and insurance coverage for each owned weapon. Fifth, CLOSE the gun show loophole...

These are ideas we should all be discussing on the path to finding reasonable regulations.

Technology and Net Neutrality.

We must cultivate local technologists because some of the best and brightest technologists in the world live in our area. Their entrepreneurship will bring economic vitality where the technology industry can thrive. Net Neutrality guarantees and prevents Internet Service Providers from filtering or restricting their subscriber’s Internet access without their knowledge or consent. It keeps the playing field fair between all service providers, content providers, and consumers.

Foreign Policy

I believe that, as blessed Americans living in the richest and most powerful country on earth, we have a responsibility to create a better, safer world for all global inhabitants. I will fight on behalf of challenges as diverse as global health, peace, and the environment, so that we are doing the right thing, while promoting both national security and economic well-being at home.

I support making budget cuts to eliminate redundant nuclear weapons programs and prohibiting any president from using nuclear weapons with a first-strike without prior authorization from Congress.

Millions of people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation services. I support foreign aid to bring these services to areas in need.

I favor diplomatic solutions and oppose using war, especially towards protecting the assets of our most wealthy and corporations at the expense of the middle class and working poor in our own country.

Defense and Military

As a world traveler, I advocate diplomatic solutions over military intervention.

That said, I agree with Robert Reich.  We currently spend more on Defense and Military than the next ten largest  countries combined.  We could easily reduce our spending by 50% and still be spending more than the next three largest countries.

I will advocate using the funds to reduce the National Debt and taking care of our people at home. I will also be advocating the discontinuation of privatization, especially using private military forces.

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