Meet David McDevitt

David is a U.S. Army veteran, business person, and licensed attorney. As an entrepreneur, he started several small companies and understands the needs of small businesses.

Working in corporate finance, budgeting, and business planning, and analyzing financial performance gave David the skills directly applicable to Congressional appropriations. David learned the skills of both reading and writing law by completing his legal education and passing one of the most difficult BAR exams in the country. His two-year active participation on a civil grand jury provided direct experience in oversight for government agencies. David is a clean water commissioner and uses the skills needed for policy making.

In addition to the skills he brings, David is the only candidate to run for Washington’s 3rd Congressional seat two successive election cycles in a row since the late 1990’s. David is committing a significant amount of his personal funds to the campaign because he believes strongly that the congressional district deserves better representation. He is PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST, before his own interests.

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Meet David

David brings the perspective of his life experience, including growing up in a single-parent family with his mother and two sisters, having traveled worldwide, attending diverse public schools, having and supporting LGBTQ family members, being aware of senior challenges, and, of course, being a veteran.

David supports protection of our environment, fairness for incomes (including minimum wage and social security enhancement), policies for healthcare for all, investment in education, and improved transportation systems and investment because his life experiences have connected with many marginalized people who deserve a fair opportunity. The gap between rich and poor is a problem that needs immediate attention because too many people are falling into poverty and oppression.

As Congressman, he will advocate bipartisan solutions and give a bold voice for the people of Southwest Washington.

David’s Early life

David, born in 1957, is the first child of a teacher and sales representative, he and his two sisters grew up in Seattle, Hong Kong, Montreal, Canada, and San Francisco. His father died as the result of an accident when David was eleven. Social Security Survivor benefits supported the young family after David's father passed away.

Living In Washington State

As a child, David lived with his parents in Bellevue, WA for about two years. David McDevitt moved to Clark County in 2011 to give a home for his aging mother to live in. His mother has resided in Washington for over 35 years. Since moving to Clark County, David has developed a deep connection to the community.

Newspaper Delivery Boy at age 10

He began working as a newspaper delivery boy for the San Francisco Chronicle at the age of ten. He saw an opportunity to improve the job by improving monthly payment collection.

Approaching management, he got permission to include flyers and envelopes, which suggested paying in advance. After his effort, 98% of his customers were paying in advance. The company later transitioned to billing all customers three months in advance, likely due to his success!

David’s Career

He joined the U.S. Army in 1975 and served active duty until 1978, then in the reserves through 1981. Following his service, he attended university and worked in telecommunications. Honoring our commitments to veterans, protecting Social Security for the aging, women's issues and education for today's students and tomorrow’s workforce are among his top priorities.

After graduating from college, he started several small businesses. McDevitt is an entrepreneur with ideas for improvement.

During and after his graduate studies, David taught university courses for seven years.

For many years, he worked as a software and financial professional with a large corporation, giving him the tools for dealing with the appropriations process in congress. In addition, he has managed teams of people involved in software development.

David’s Affiliation With Volunteer Organizations

With a lifelong commitment to civic involvement. After his father passed away, David joined Big Brother/Big Sisters receiving a mentor. Subsequent to returning from the US Army, McDevitt volunteered with Big Brothers/Big Sisters as a mentor, other youth groups, and the United Way, often leading groups and developing skills of others.

For seven years, David began riding in the California AIDS Ride (now called AidsLifeCycle), a 525-mile fundraiser between San Francisco and Los Angeles because his younger sister passed away from AIDS in 1995. His sister left a young HIV+ nephew. Consequently, he strongly supports healthcare for all.

David's Connection To The Law

His passion for individual rights is clear because he has worked on various political campaigns, volunteered at polling places, served as both a polling inspector and certified election observer. He served for two years on a civil grand jury, elected to a committee chairmanship during one of those years.

Today in Clark County, he is active with the Democratic Party, a precinct coordinator, and serves on the volunteer-led Clark County Clean Water Commission.

David’s Educational Background

He holds a dual concentration bachelor's in business information systems/marketing and a dual concentration MBA in finance/management from San Francisco State University. He earned his law degree from John F. Kennedy University. Though he has not practiced law, he has held a license to practice law since 2013.

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